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I can’t believe a small part of me actually believed it was possible that our wonky, undemocratic and downright dangerous electoral system would be replaced by Justin Trudeau and his band of smiling hacks.

The government has announced it is abandoning one of its main election promises.  A promise spoke in no uncertain terms: “2015 would be the last federal election conducted under the first-past-the-post system.”

I can’t say I am surprised that the party that has benefited the most from the undemocratic, non-representative first past the post system has decided to keep it.  Why not?  They more than any other political organism have benefited from its erratic outcomes where less than 40 % of the popular vote can win you a majority government which in Canada, as demonstrated under Chretien, Harper and now Trudeau gives one absolute unchecked power.

Canadians now, more than most western ‘democracies’ will continue to be at risk of a Trump style populist wave gaining unchecked power in this country and remaking it however they, a small extremist group, choose.

Justin Trudeau has failed Canada and all Canadians in the name of his own political success and power.


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First of all hire me to take charge of the Liberal campaign and communication strategy.

Justin Trudeau calls a press conference saying it will be a very big announcement.

At press conference Trudeau announces a revised plan to deal with C-51, it is to be grandfathered and very quickly should the Liberals win power.

The reason for this: is that according to the independent research of the Liberal Party the Prime Minister was seriously overstating the terrorist risk to Canadians.  The risk is not as bad as Harper represents it to be, it appears as though Mr. Harper was trying to play on people’s fears in order to distract them from other issues during an election year.

This is why the Liberal Party has made this fundamental change in policy.  We apologize to Canadians for supporting C-51 and we call on the Prime Minister to do the same.

Trudeau goes on to address the “not ready yet” attack line

He says, “Mr Harper and his Conservative attack machine have frequently tried to make my youth and fresh perspective an issue.  They claim I am not ready, that I lack the experience to run a government like Mr. Harper’s.  Well they are right, I have no experience committing election fraud, I have no experience abusing election spending rules, I have no experience destroying an economy, I have no experience creating deficits, No experience being held in contempt of parliament.

Is this the kind of experience you think Canadians want Mr. Harper?

Trudeau now outlines the Liberal focus should they be elected (and the focus for the remainder of the campaign):

The economy, Harper’s mismanagement of the Economy, The deficits this government runs, Harper’s economic incompetence, The economy, jobs, The economy…..

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Justin Trudeau’s blunt rejection of the idea of a coalition will cost the Liberals more support I predict.  There are several people in the country who sincerely believe that Harper must be removed from power at all costs and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.  The fact that the NDP is first in the polls mean that people will move their votes there in greater numbers now that a vote for the Liberals could mean more Harper government albeit a minority one.

Trudeau’s biggest mistakes, his support for C-51 and now his rejection of a coalition both are largely because of the Neo-Karl Rove Conservative attack machine.  The decision to support C-51 was made to avoid Harper’s trap of using ‘soft on terror’ as a bludgeoning tool. I must admit that I believed it a prudent strategic move at the time.  However I had underestimated Canadians and the distaste for C-51 that would emerge.  At the time the Globe and Mail were reporting that over 80% of Canadians supported C-51.  Of course we all know how Harper misrepresented coalitions as some kind of undemocratic coup attempt and used is as an effective attack line in 2011.  Remember the ‘reckless coalition’?

Trudeau’s reactionary moves have proved disastrous.

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Best ad Liberals have produced in a VERY long time.

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In the world of politics the fight can really only stay as clean as your dirtiest player and the Conservative Party of Canada could not be a dirtier player.  They are the textbook example of Karl Rove’s warped, cynical play-book.

The latest attack ads against Justin Trudeau demonstrate how low they are willing to go, quoting him completely out of context making him appear to claim Quebec is superior to the rest of Canada.  When in fact he is speaking of the views of his late father.  The problem is most Canadians will never know the truth as they are casual followers of the political scene and their views and opinions are formed by what they see and hear.  They do not investigate and dig deeper, that is only done by us political nerds.

The strategy used by the Conservative Party has proven extremely effective in defining the previous two Liberal leaders and it appears as though this will happen once again.  This will not happen because of the attack ads exclusively, it will be supported by the absolute militant, vigilant discipline of the Harper Conservatives as it has been in the past.

On these pages I predicted the strategy that Harper would follow against Ignatieff and his ‘reckless coalition partners’.

Here’s what the latest mantra will sound like:  “Mr. Speaker, the honourable member from Papineau is clearly too inexperienced to understand important issues like the operation of the economy…”  Repeated at nauseam by all the Conservative hacks as part of every statement, no matter the issue.  The Conservatives understand that if you say something often enough eventually it sticks.

When you face an opponent with such tight organization, such strict message discipline you can not afford to simply try to counter the message showing the Leader in some positive pictures.  You must match the organization and the discipline of your opponent.

The Liberal Party is just as capable of defining the Conservatives, not by staying positive and not without discipline.

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