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With the hiring of Lynton Crosby the Conservatives have gotten a whole lot tougher and I shudder to think about what this means for our country. The spectre of another Conservative majority government has raised it’s hideous head.

When one looks at what Crosby pulled off in the UK for David Cameron it is not difficult to see the same thing happening here. Cameron has only been office for six years whereas Harper seems to have passed his unwritten Canadian PM expiry term of around 9 years. We shall see if this Canadian pattern of needing someone new after nine years regardless of what is said or done during a campaign holds true.

Stephen Harper is vulnerable in what has long been perceived as a strength, his economic stewardship. The facts do not bear this out as he has possibly the worst economic performance of any post war Canadian Prime Minister, any way you slice it, Canada’s economy under Harper has been a disaster.

The problem is, Crosby and the Conservatives are going right back to the economy, strong economy theme and can perhaps once again create the great myth of Harper’s economic strength. They may well succeed with this strategy.

The opposition or one of the opponents of Harper need to beat the Conservatives to the punch and begin using the phrase, “Harper’s economic disaster” in every single thing they say. Whether discussing neglect of veterans or day care, fixing “Harper’s economic disaster” is said. They need the kind of disciplined message control the Conservatives and Crosby are famous for.

A poll out today in the Star states that more than half of Canadians believe Harper’s economic plan has been a failure. This is an opportunity for the opposition to finish Harper off.

Will anyone do it?


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