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The Stephen Harper economic disaster is still unfolding and the latest wrinkle is a projected surplus of $1.9 Billion for the 2014/15 fiscal year.

Oh baby, you better believe the Conservatives are going to beat this one for all its worth. They will try to convince Canadians what great economic managers they are because they did not do the jobs they were supposed to and instead returned the money.

Stephen Harper’s impact on the Canadian economy remains as it has been: a disaster that continues to unfold. A disaster that put all of the eggs in the tar sands basket and neglected everything else, particularly innovation and green technologies.

We don’t have the details on how this surplus was achieved and we won’t have the details until after the election of course.

What we do know is there is billions of dollars in unspent program dollars that were returned to the coffers from various government ministries and departments. What does this mean? It means the government did not deliver services and programs that they would normally deliver to Canadians.

We know that Veterans Affairs returned a hefty amount of dollars that were not spent in support of our veterans. The only questions that remain regarding this surplus is what was not delivered to Canadians? Who did not spend the programming budget they were given?

Regardless of the surplus Stephen Harper remains and economic disaster.


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