Canadians need to wake up and learn a little before casting a ballot.

The extremist government currently working to dismantle Canada accomplishes this largely through secrecy, misinformation and incremental-ism, albeit incremental-ism that is broad and occurring at a fast rate, sure they are small steps, but there are so many small steps it serves to fundamentally alter our country in ways that Canadians do not want.

So many of Harper’s supporters are ill informed former supporters of the Progressive Conservative Party, who ignorantly cast their ballot and send their cheques for the party of Joe Clark, not this extreme, shallow, police state inducing party.

Canadians are losing their democracy, the only question is, “do they deserve it?”


When I see polls like the one today from Nanos which has the Conservative Party of Canada led by Stephen Harper in first place, I have to ask myself, “do Canadians deserve to lose universal health care?  Do we deserve to lose the CBC?  Do we deserve the erosion of our democracy, through so many actions they get too numerous to count (creation of a secret police force, government spying on citizens, electoral fraud in last two elections, first past the post system, unfair elections act, rewriting the rules to favour the party with the most money, giant omnibus bills with so many different, unrelated legislative changes debate and discussion is non-existent, concentration of PMO power etc. etc. etc.).

Do Canadians have  a duty to learn more about what their government is doing?  Do they have a duty to inform themselves before casting their vote?

Or is the current government abusing it’s power and acting in a way most Canadians would be shocked to learn of?  Is the current government violating the public trust through it’s anti-democratic, secretive ways in a way that we can not expect the average voter to be informed?

Stephen Harper was spreading more terrorist fears on the campaign trail today as he announced some stupid travel ban which would mean approximately zero to someone wishing to join ISIS.  Seriously the guy should get a royalty cheque from ISIS for spreading their message for them.  No one spreads more terrorist fear in Canada then the prime minister.

He criticized the NDP and Liberals terrorism policy as ‘Dropping aid on dead people’.

Well Stephen Harper’s anti-terrorism bill is a lot like closing the barn door after the horses have left as it does nothing to deal with the radicalization of youth in Canada.  Instead he does nothing to solve the actual problem and uses the problem to create a secret police force and spy on Canadians.

How much longer must we endure the failure Harper?

When I  see that the Conservative Party of Canada is fighting for top spot in the polls I feel so much stress that I need to stop and do something else for a while.  This party has been so effective at concealing their actions from the public and destroying their opponents they are likely to be re elected.

They are fighting for top spot despite:

  • Leading us into a recession
  • Losing $3.1 billion of taxpayer money
  • Running defecits every year
  • Beginning the dismantling of universal health care
  • Cancelling the long form census
  • G-20 scandal
  • Muzzling scientists
  • de-funding any organization which does not agree with them
  • Re-wrote the law and applied it retroactively to absolve themselves and the RCMP of any wrong doing
  • De-funding the CBC
  • Interfering with the CBC and beginning the politicization of the broadcaster
  • Changed election spending laws to help them out spend opponents
  • Changing election laws making it easier for them to cheat
  • Spending $1 billion of taxpayer money on promoting themselves
  • Sending senators Wallin and Duffy out to raise money for the Conservatives while Canada pays for it
  • In and out election fraud
  • Robocall election fraud
  • Making it harder to vote
  • Taking away Elections Canada’s right to promote voting
  • Intimidating opponents
  • Attempted to bribe Chuck Cadman (a criminal offence)
  • Presenting enormous omnibus bills in order to avoid accountability and to hide their actions
  • Prorogue parliament inappropriately on at least 2 occassions
  • Guilty of contempt of parliament (only govt in Canadian history)
  • Stripping away our civil rights
  • Creating a secret police force
  • Spying on environmentalists and native groups

The government that has done all of these things and much much more, is actually fighting for first place in the polls!!!  How? Why?  What is wrong with Canadians?

When I see the long list of transgressions by this Prime Minister and what it is doing to Canada I am fearful.  Fearful for my own rights, fearful for my children’s future.  A future which may very well turn out to be one with higher crime rates, no universal health care and a seriously diminished democracy.

Stephen Harper is doing things to Canada that he never received a mandate to do.  He is changing Canada in ways that Canadians do not want.  Many of his supporters would abandon him if he was honest about what he wants to do to Canada.  He never ran on a platform of cutting the CBC.  He never sought permission from Canadians to interfere with the running of the broadcaster and have a hand in who is hired.

1970s CBC logo

He never asked Canadians if they thought it was a good idea to make the CBC a state broadcaster at the expense of any other programming.

Why doesn’t the coward Harper be upfront and tell Canadians he wants to eliminate the CBC?  Why doesn’t he explain his reasoning behind the move and seek a mandate from voters?  Because he is a coward.  Perfectly happy doing whatever he damn well pleases in secret, hiding in dark closets where no one will find him.

Stephen Harper has done many things since becoming the worst prime minister in Canadian history.  One of the main difficulties I have his willingness to take actions that he has never discussed, or won a mandate for from the electorate.

If he wishes to make a case for privatized health care in place of our current government run health insurance he should do so.  Make his argument on how his idea could be more effective and cost less and let the voters decide.

He does not though, instead he cuts $36 billion from health care and buries the cuts inside a massive omnibus budget bill.  In addition he disbands the Health Council of Canada and withdrawals from enforcing the Canada Health Act, which ensure the standard of health care across the country.

No one wants Stephen Harper to end our universal health care, nor did he explain what he was planning to do to Canadians.  Does he care?  No.  He has never cared what Canadians think or want.  He is perfectly happy being a coward and working behind the scenes, in the dark closets where no one will find him.

In a demonstration of how petty, disrespectful and full of piss and vinegar he is Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are calling Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, “Justin”.  They are not using his last name at all instead just “Justin” which is meant to demean, disrespect and diminish Trudeau.  They want to make Justin into an immature child in the eyes of the public, when your prime minister is resorting to such school yard elementary school level bullying tactics, what are we to think?

It would be akin to Mulcair or Trudeau referring to Harper as, “Steve”.

This tactic is a true representation of Harper.  The man will do anything and everything to cling to power.  How foolish he appears doing this.  Are people beginning to see the slime behind the smile?  With his cynical early election call and now the ‘just Justin’ tactic’ they should be seeing the real Harper.

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