According to a recent survey published in the Globe and Mail Stephen Harper’s Anti-Terrorism bill enjoys the support of 82 percent of respondents across the country.  Wow, impressive right?

When we look a little closer we see that this support comes even though most Canadians no little to nothing about the content of bill C-51.

The majority and I mean VAST majority of the support for the bill comes from Canadians who know the bill in title and not much beyond that.

So 82 percent of respondent support something referred to as:  The Anti-Terrorism bill.  No wonder it enjoys such widespread support.

What would be the level of support for the Free Pancake bill?  Pretty high I would imagine.  High provided people don’t learn the content of the bill which states you must take your free pancakes and immediately throw yourself off a one hundred foot cliff.

As long as Canadians decide to support legislation based on title alone most pleasantly-titled bills will receive high levels of support.  This government relies on people being uninformed it is in its very blood, just look at what was done to the long form census.

Support for this government and its bills will remain high as long as Canadians remain ignorant.

That sound you hear is every single brave man and woman who fought to keep Canada free rolling in their graves.

Stephen Harper’s “Anti-terrorism” bill is an assault on the freedom of Canadians, it is an assault on the rights of Canadians and would be unacceptable to all of the brave Canadians who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can be free.

Reducing our freedom and civil rights is giving in to the hypothetical terrorists because let’s face it this bill has been created to fight make believe terrorists, terrorists that do not exist.

When we look at Harper’s horrible, shoddy and dangerous “anti-terrorism” bill it causes a sickening deep in the stomach to think of this government with this kind of power at their fingertips.  While I don’t believe any government of any stripe should be implementing a bill reducing the freedom of Canadians to think and express themselves how they wish.

I am not being extreme when I see the results this bill will cause.  This bill will be used to further silence dissent, discussion, freedom of speech in the name of keeping everyone safe.  This government has shown it is willing to bend any rule and manipulate any lever of power to suit its needs.

It goes to great lengths to prevent information, facts and scientific studies that do not support their adolescent view of the world from getting into the public consciousness.  It is willing to bully charities who wish to speak up about pesticide use and anything else which does not fit the Conservative ideology.  It can now use the CRA, CSIS or the RCMP to silence anyone.

It it’s important to note here, that in the sick mind of Harper any dissenting voice in Canada is already viewed as a threat.

Here is a great article on ipolitics

Stephen Harper has begun to deceive the Canadian people on entirely new levels.  Spreading fear of terrorism when Canadians are more likely to be struck by lightening then be harmed in a terrorist attack.

If Harper is going to protect us from something this improbable, what else should we ask him to protect us from?  Hot weather?  Falling from a building, both of these are far more likely to kill you than a terrorist attack.  Can we make a hashtag fly?  Can you tweet what you want Harper to protect you from? #protectmeharper

Stephen Harper has decided it is necessary to protect Canadians from terrorists.  So necessary that he is handing new unchecked powers to our national police force and spy agency.  Powers which come at the expense of your rights and the rights of every Canadian.  It will be much easier to spy on you and to arrest you without any charges.  Thank you Steve!  You must love us all so much to make such big sacrifices of our civil liberties to keep us safe from the “jihadists”.

Wait a minute…  There are many other things which are more likely to kill a Canadian than a terrorist attack.  MANY, MANY other things.

Did you know that, in the U.S. you are:

8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist attack

6 times more likely to be killed by hot weather than a terrorist attack

Canada’s numbers are probably very similar considering our similar cultures, willing to wager here.

Why is Stephen Harper stripping away the freedom of Canadians for a problem which is far less a threat to Canadians than choking to death on our own vomit?


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