Stephen Harper had to work hard for his majority government.  He had to do everything possible, including breaking election laws, first with the in and out scandal and in 2011 the robocalls misdirecting voters who were not voting for them.  He had to prevent Conservative candidates across the country from talking to local media, or participating in all candidates debates that were not in winnable ridings.  He had to spend millions of dollars when there was no election campaign destroying the brand of two Liberal leaders.

With his majority his government implemented the “fair elections act”, which would be more aptly named the “Prevent typical non-Conservative voters from voting and don’t investigate us any more act”.

Now he is about to launch a campaign that will last more than twice as long as a typical campaign.  Why?  Because the Conservatives have more money, they can out last the other two parties war chests.  He is trying again to do everything he possibly can to hold on to power.

Will it matter to Canadians that the decision to hold a long, long, campaign will cost them many, many millions more than a campaign of a more traditional length?

Make no mistake Stephen Harper is a tough, tough opponent and removing him from office will take an enormous cross country effort from everyone, not just the political parties.

My parents recently came to visit us and somehow the topic of Prime Minister Stephen Harper came up.  My parents are both elderly and have a daily routine which consists of going to the local McDonalds for coffee and a muffin.  That particular McDonalds only brings in one newspaper: The Toronto Sun.  They also spend time talking to other people their age.  They vote based on what they know.  They don’t do their own investigative research on the choices available, they simply would vote based on their morning discussions and advertising they watch.  They also happen to have a politics junkie for a son who can provide them with all the info they need.

My mom said to me. “do you really think Harper is that bad?”

I proceeded to share with her what Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been doing during his time in office, muzzling, scientists, making radical cuts to health care, working in stealth, dishonesty, lying, obsessive information control, destroying the economy, running deficits.  She was shocked and said she had never heard anyone criticize Harper like this.  She asked why anyone isn’t doing anything about all of this and making sure everyone knows about this.

She then mentioned Trudeau, saying well “he’s not much better.  Maybe  he’s not ready, like they say.”

My parents are an example of the type of voter who would support Stephen Harper, only a surface knowledge of any issues, they assume that the politician is at least partially truthful.

Could this be a harbinger of what lies ahead for Stephen Harper?

A press that no longer cooperates and spreads his misinformation, facilitates his obfuscation accepts his extreme control of information?

Man in blue suit thanks firefighters – InfoNews.ca.

Our system is an absolute farce.  38% of the vote gives you 55% of the seats and absolute, unchecked power.  Power that is concentrated in the PMO like never before in our history.

When I approach our first past the post (fptp) system I feel the way someone must feel when they have to clean a smoking, loaded and cocked pistol.  Who knows what the outcome will be?  Certainly not what I intended.

Will some well organized group of fringe radicals through intense discipline, deception, and extreme message control be able to get the required 38% to take absolute power?

We could have a system which delivers our MPs in a way that matches how the country voted.  We could be doing this while maintaining local representation through several different formulas.  My personal favourite is proportional representation where the priority listing of candidates on a party’s list is determined by the percentage of the vote they captured at the local level.  Those who capture a large percentage of the local vote would be higher on the party’s list and thus have a higher chance of making it to parliament and would represent their local riding.  Party leaders could be reserved the first seat for any party.

Here’s the problem: the party that just won the election was using fptp.  That’s right the election winner has just taken their first hit of fptp success and they are hooked.  They know it is wrong but they just got a big boost from the distorted fptp results.  They decide they want that high again and do not break the habit.

How can Canadians break the election winner’s addiction to fptp and get a system which would make everyone feel as though their vote counted?

When I think of Stephen Harper and what he is doing to our country and in particular his deception, constant spin and misinformation I feel physically nauseous.

I know, I know politicians are just like that, right?  This would certainly be the response of one of his minions, who almost always start their response with, “well when the Liberals….” instead of addressing the content of the discussion.  Harper is different though.  He is not just a typical politician who tries to put the best face on a situation, he goes way farther, to an extreme never before seen in our country.

He wilfully lies, twists the truth, denies, covers up, blocks access to information, shuts down the gathering of knowledge, defunds any organization that does not agree with him.

He presents massive omnibus bills containing major changes to more than one law or government department to intentionally limit debate and discussion.

He undermines the democratic process, disrupts the work of committees, it goes on and on and on.

He will not share his views on public health care.  Come on the guy headed the National Citizens Coalition, an organization created to kill universal health care.  Yet he will not talk of it, instead he buries massive radical, hobbling cuts inside one of his omnibus bills, the same bill that also guts environmental protection.

His legacy?  Can anyone think of a major accomplishment by this prime minister?  His legacy will be to devolve Canada, damage our international reputation, to set us back and keep us from advancing and building a great country.


First of all hire me to take charge of the Liberal campaign and communication strategy.

Justin Trudeau calls a press conference saying it will be a very big announcement.

At press conference Trudeau announces a revised plan to deal with C-51, it is to be grandfathered and very quickly should the Liberals win power.

The reason for this: is that according to the independent research of the Liberal Party the Prime Minister was seriously overstating the terrorist risk to Canadians.  The risk is not as bad as Harper represents it to be, it appears as though Mr. Harper was trying to play on people’s fears in order to distract them from other issues during an election year.

This is why the Liberal Party has made this fundamental change in policy.  We apologize to Canadians for supporting C-51 and we call on the Prime Minister to do the same.

Trudeau goes on to address the “not ready yet” attack line

He says, “Mr Harper and his Conservative attack machine have frequently tried to make my youth and fresh perspective an issue.  They claim I am not ready, that I lack the experience to run a government like Mr. Harper’s.  Well they are right, I have no experience committing election fraud, I have no experience abusing election spending rules, I have no experience destroying an economy, I have no experience creating deficits, No experience being held in contempt of parliament.

Is this the kind of experience you think Canadians want Mr. Harper?

Trudeau now outlines the Liberal focus should they be elected (and the focus for the remainder of the campaign):

The economy, Harper’s mismanagement of the Economy, The deficits this government runs, Harper’s economic incompetence, The economy, jobs, The economy…..


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